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Increase Clientele • Build Authority • Grow Your Online Presence
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Marketing isn't unethical. It's PRACTICAL.

You stay focused on medicine. I'll bring you the clientele.



Become an AUTHORITY in your field?

Drive high-volume TRAFFIC to your website?

Add long-term VALUE to your content?

Create a WAITLIST for your services?

Become a TRUSTED source of information?

As someone in the

health industry,

time management is a real struggle.

You strive to:

Spend adequate time with your current patients

Keep up with all of your documentation

Compete online with other doctors

...all while trying to have a personal life.

And STILL — you're making less money while you see your hours go up.

You're consistently on a learning curve with the ever-evolving insurance policies.

You're studying your competition to see what they could possibly be doing that you're not.

AND you're losing out on referrals because patients prefer to research online.

“...but only bad doctors need healthcare marketing!”

You're in the digital age now. A strong online presence is crucial for success in any industry.

After working 60 to 80 hours a week — you don't have the time to learn and master a new skill.

“I'm not accepting new patients, though!”

A common misbelief amongst healthcare professionals is that digital content is only used to bring in new patients.

That misconception couldn't be further from the truth.

Digital content creation also:

Sets you up as an authoritative figure in your industry

Steals the glory and recognition away from your competition

Allows you to easily promote your practice, services, or products

"What exactly is medical copywriting?"

Copywriting — or words that sell — is the art of writing in your patients' own words.

When researching for a new doctor, your potential patients need to know that you understand them.

Having effective copy on your website does just that. When you speak out loud what your patients are thinking privately,

you are building trust and relationship immediately — before they ever walk through the doors of your practice!

But what if you're not selling anything?

This is a very common occurrence for doctors. Most are overrun with patients and they see no point of investing in a

digital marketing campaign. But the cold, hard truth is — patients will search for you online before they decide to call your office,

patients will choose the practice that is listed higher in search results, and patients will associate a stronger online presence

with being the medical office they want to be seen at.

Copy doesn't just sell individual services or products — it sells YOU!

Imagine having so much traffic to your website that journalists reach out to you for expert opinions!

Imagine being so popular across social platforms that companies offer you sponsored gigs!

Imagine deciding to launch a product and it sells out on the first day because of your existing reputation!

All of this is possible with the right copy strategy!

Not to be confused with a medical writer, copy provides all the information without the confusing medical jargon.

√ Want a website that ranks on the first page of Google? It can be done! Writing copy with a focus on SEO can

make that happen.

 Want a blog post or article about Mast Cell Disease? No problem! A great writer is able to create an in-depth piece

that the average person is able to understand.

 Want an e-book that shows off your expertise in a certain area? You got it! Writing e-books and guides is what 

we're here for.

√ Want to keep in touch with all of your patients? Absolutely! E-Mail marketing in the health field is exploding right


√ Want your current and potential patients to follow you on social media? Excellent! The health realm is taking over

social platforms. Your social copy can draw new patients to your website with very little effort.

“So, why should I hire you?”

As a doctor, conveying the right words to your patients can be difficult. 

My job as your new 

is to accurately present the science behind our health in a way the average

medical copywriter

person can understand and relate to — all the while communicating with search engines to get your content ranked organically.

I work to sell your brand and convince your target audience to take action!

When you work with me, you get:

Expert medical copy that speaks directly to your patients

Extensive customer and competition research

Scholarly research tailored to your field

 High quality content writing unique to your website

 SEO-focused copy and content designed to rank your page higher in search engines

I currently provide:

Comprehensive SEO audits for your website & competition

 Website copy and content

 Blog posts and scholarly articles

 Sales pages, landing pages, and product descriptions

 Social media posts

 E-mail sequences, campaigns, and broadcasts


Medical copywriting SERPs results

In less than 30 days, this client jumped 56 spots in Google search results.

Clinical supervision Denver SERPs results

In less than 30 days, this client went from the 2nd page of Google to the #2 spot on the 1st page of search results.

Private practice consultant SERPs results

In less than 30 days, this client jumped 34 spots in Google search results.


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"As a content marketer myself, I am beyond impressed with Jennifer's level of expertise and knowledge. Her services are absolutely gold-standard in this industry. Her integrity along with her depth of understanding regarding SEO makes her a clear choice for any person considering someone for their content marketing needs.

— Annette Choti

Owner + SEO Copywriter, Law Quill

About Me Headshot_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Jennifer-

I'm a

freelance medical copywriter

content marketer focused on helping you – the overwhelmed and


exhausted medical professional.

Was it always your dream to grow up and leave a lasting impression on the people around you? Me too!

For over 15 years, I was determined to receive my Ph.D. and become a hotshot in the CSI world. And, after

spending almost a decade at University, I realized that what I thought was my passion, really wasn't my passion

at all.

I began my journey into healthcare 8 years ago when I decided to pursue a career outside my degree. Yet, I

still felt like I was acting in someone else's role!

I struggled because I knew I should have been feeling grateful for my level of success and experience but still

wanted more. I desired a business that showed off my skills, talents, and passions.

Now, I want to extend the same level of satisfaction to you!

There are hundreds of medical copywriters and you want to know what makes me different. I get it!

What makes me unique-


Your target audience is thoroughly researched. Your content is guaranteed to use their words in your voice

effectively showing your target market that you understand their pain points and your service is their unique



I realize that I am only as successful as my clients, which means I will present to you comprehensive inbound

marketing techniques that you can do with or without professional help.


I use a very expensive and unique software that many marketers don't invest in. This not only allows me to

optimize your content better, but also gives me an insider's look into what your competition is doing and why

they're ranking higher in search engines than you.


I have spent thousands of dollars pursuing the best training possible. I have worked under some of the most

well-respected writers in the industry — learning how to hone and perfect my craft FOR YOU!


I want the best for your healthcare practice.

And I know how to help you achieve it.

Let's discuss your new content marketing strategy today!

Email Address:

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Thank you!

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