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Marketing isn't unethical. It's PRACTICAL.

You stay focused on medicine. I'll bring you the clientele.



Become an AUTHORITY in your field?

Drive high-volume TRAFFIC to your website?

Add long-term VALUE to your content?

Create a WAITLIST for your services?

Become a TRUSTED source of information?

“Only bad doctors pay for marketing!”


Are you still holding on to that age-old adage?


You were groomed to believe that healthcare marketing is sleazy or slimy since you were in medical school.


Well, that may have been true 20 years ago.

The fact of the matter is:

You're in the digital age now.

280 million of Google's daily searches are health-related.

83% of patients visit a doctor's website before setting an appointment.

60% of mobile users say they have contacted businesses directly from search results (e.g., call, email).

78% of businesses who advertise on social media are outselling those who don't.

In just 2 years, there was over a 900% growth for local searches.

E-commerce sales are expected to reach 4.5 trillion by 2021.

93% of people consider online reviews as a crucial part of their buying decision.

"...but I don't have time for more patients!"

A common misunderstanding among most people — not just doctors — is that marketing is used to only to bring in new clients and money.

But the truth is that marketing also:

Builds and solidifies your brand's reputation.

Steals the glory from your competition.

Promotes specific services or products.

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I want the best for your practice and I know how to help you achieve it.

Are you ready to discuss your campaign?

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